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How is Toto jackpot calculated?

The Toto jackpot is one of the biggest lottery prizes that Singaporeans can win. But how exactly is the jackpot amount determined? Here's a quick guide to understanding how the Toto jackpot is calculated:

How the Toto jackpot starts

* The initial Toto jackpot starts at $1 million.

* This is the minimum amount that the Toto jackpot must be.

* If there are no winners in a Toto draw, the jackpot snowballs.

* The jackpot keeps increasing by the preset snowball amount for each draw with no winner.

Snowball increment

* For every draw without a winner, the jackpot snowballs.

* The snowball increment is preset at $500,000.

* So for example, if the Toto jackpot is $1 million, and there are no winners, it will snowball to $1.5 million for the next draw.

* The jackpot will keep increasing by $500,000 for every subsequent draw without a winner.

Jackpot cap

* There is a jackpot cap of $5 million for Toto.

* Once the Toto jackpot hits $5 million, it will stay at that amount even with subsequent draws without a winner.

* The jackpot will only drop below $5 million when there is a winner.

* The winner takes half of the $5 million jackpot. The remaining half rolls over to seed the next jackpot.

Breakdown of jackpot components

The Toto jackpot prize comprises:

* The snowball increment that has accrued

* Any rollover from previous draws

* A base contribution taken from Toto ticket sales

By understanding how the starting amount, snowball increment, rollovers and ticket sales contribute to the jackpot, you can appreciate how the exciting Toto jackpot prizes are calculated. Check toto result regularly to keep up to date!


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